Basic, but all over the place:
Spread, Fry, Bake, Bread, Pasta, Salad, BBQ, Dip. Cheers!

That's Yeti No. 1, our first cheese made from plants. Find a restaurant that serves Yeti.


We produce our cheese in small batches by hand in our manufactory in Kreuzberg. Yeti No. 1 is based on soy, which is grown in Germany and we buy directly from a farmer. We only use a few ingredients, all of which are organic and we source locally where possible.

Earth and animals

Why make plant-based cheese in the first place, and not just eat the cheese from animals that we already have? People have been making cheese for thousands of years. It started because it is a practical and tasty way to preserve milk, which was important in the days of yore. Today, people eat cheese in many different ways and eat a lot of it. In the Eurpean Union, 9 million tons of cheese is consumed every year.

The problem is, like all foods from animals, making cheese uses a lot of resources and emits a lot of greenhouse gases. Global food production emits around 1/3 of all greenhouse gases, and most of that is from livestock agriculture. The main issues with livestock agriculture are its huge land footprint, water usage and methane emissions (which is a greenhouse gas) .

Making cheese from plants directly uses a fraction of the resources compared to animal-based cheese and no animals need to suffer. If we want to continue providing our growing population with all the delicious cheese they want and at the same time don't destroy our planet, mistreat animals and decimate our biodiversity, figuring out how to make amazing plant-based cheese is the only way forward.

For stores and restaurants

If you want to sell Yeti at your store or cook delicious meals with Yeti in your restaurant, send us an email ([email protected]). You'll be sure to make the planet and your customers happy.